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hair and beauty industryArticle in National Press - Hairdresser's Journal
9th July 2010

Gillian Bruce Training

"Developing people forwards
for success"
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Hair and Beauty Industry

Development Courses for the Hair & Beauty Industry

» Effective Communication Skills for the Inspirational Therapist / Stylist – connect with your clients
» Maximise your column – how to grow your business within a business and keep your clients coming back
» Consultation skills – Understand your clients needs and expectations
» Handling Customers Professionally (Customer Service) – excel in today’s competitive service environment
» Managing difficult situations – turnaround difficult situations to ensure success
» Retailing skills for stylists and therapists – take the discomfort out of recommending products and learn to reap the rewards
» Developing a retail culture (Salon owners / managers) – develop your retail business once and for all
» Effective Team Communication for Hair and Beauty Salon owners / managers – develop effective relationships with your team that will have a dramatic impact upon your success
» Team management – lead your team effectively for improved motivation
» Market your business and grow your return – ensure your business is on track

Effective Team Communication for Business Owners and Managers

Resolution of work place issues, increasing the value of business relationships and getting the most from interaction with the team. The way you interact with others can be the key to workplace success

» Identify barriers to communication and how to overcome them
Create effective relationships through communication excellence
Run effective team meetings and briefings that impact upon results
Identify your relationship style and how it impacts upon others
Communication for motivation and people development processes
Effective appraisal and coaching skills

Effective consultation communication for the inspirational stylist / therapist

Skills with scissors & comb or tweezers are half of the success story – the other half involves people skills and communication excellence. Excellent communicators make the most successful operators – this course will give you the tools to succeed at the highest level.

» Consultation skills for enriched understanding of client needs
» Questioning techniques and listening skills
» Gaining rapport through non-verbal skills
» Useful methods for handling difficult customer situations
» Understanding of the customer service needs of today
» Understanding your interpersonal style and the impacts it can have

Team management – for managers and salon / spa owners

The salon team is the greatest investment and the biggest asset in any business. Ensuring the team are on track, motivated and working towards a common goal provides the foundation from which to build success.

» Identify the characteristics of effective teams
» Understand team dynamics and cycles
» Identify team role types and how best to utilise their skills
» Understand leadership and how to adapt your leadership style
» Consider motivational factors and what de-motivates
» Understand how to generate and maintain motivation 

Handling customers professionally

Gain new customers and retain your existing ones.

Managers, receptionists and stylists will all benefit from understanding customer service today. This course will ensure that service expectations are understood and that demanding situations are managed effectively – thus ensuring less lost business and increased customer satisfaction.

» Customer service – nicety or necessity?
The essentials of customer service
Methods to demonstrate empathy and develop rapport
The key impression points
Customer service styles and their consequences
Handling difficult customer situations

Developing a retail culture – for salon and spa owners

Developing a retail culture requires focus. This course aims to highlight all the elements required to develop a sound retail culture and identifies how each element contributes towards ensuring the team are motivated, willing and able to offer a full retail service. If you have repeatedly tried to get retail off the ground and never quite reached what you hoped for, this course will provide insights for future success. Salon owners and decision makers only.

» What is culture?
» Self assessment – where are you now?
» Merchandising and display
» Generating enthusiasm
» Monitoring and record keeping
» Training and development
» Reward processes
» Action planning – the next step 

Retailing skills for stylists and therapists

Providing home care advice can truly help to develop client loyalty, build a professional image and help towards customer service excellence. Many stylists feel uncomfortable about making home care advice part of their core service – this course aims to take away some of the resistance, build confidence and develop communication skills with a retail slant.

» Customer service – the retail contribution
» What stops us retailing?
» Individual relationship style and how it impacts on retail
» Communication skills for the successful retailer
» Overcoming objections in a positive manner
» Total look consultations – the retail solution 

Market your business and grow your return

Understanding the principles of marketing can really help to focus your business efforts, whilst understanding your figures can help focus your pricing, timing and reward strategies. This course provides foundation training in these often overlooked areas that really make or break a business.

» Who are your clients – what are their concerns?
» How we market our business has impacts
» How do we grow profits?
» Effective use of your figures
» Plan for change and development

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