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"Developing people forwards
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What they say about us....

"Exceptional. There was good, lively interaction – this will benefit my teaching.”

J.Unsworth College Lecturer (Handling Difficult Situations at Work)

"I have done several Customer Service & Complaints courses, however, this was the most interesting and the best presented. Although this was a refresher for me, my interest was kept at all times."

K. Mosedale Customer Liaison The Environment Agency (Managing Difficult and Demanding Customers)


Leadership and Management Development

Leaders and Managers are often so busy doing what they do that development can be a low priority. However – as most of us went into these roles in order to advance, develop and grow, investing time in personal progression really has to be a part of the picture.

We provide a wide range of sessions for leaders and managers which can be mixed and matched in order to provide the best fit for your needs.

Leadership and Management Development Programme:                                   

» Introduction to Management
» Living Leadership
» Skills for Supervisors
» Effective team working
» Introduction to Lean manufacturing
» Introduction to project management
» Effective Performance Management
» Effective Meeting Skills
» Managing Performance and G&D Procedures
» Successful Appraisals
» Motivation Matters 
» Successful Recruitment and Interviewing
» Handling & understanding change in the workplace
» Dealing with change through projects
» HR for Line Managers
» Customer service for team leaders / managers
» Handling difficult and demanding customer situations
» Developing positive attitudes in the workplace
» Solving problems in the workplace
» Managing Absence
» Strategic Business Planning
» Retailing for the small business
» Management power, influence and persuasion
» Negotiation skills
» Handling conflict
» Mediation services, mediation training and post-mediation training solutions

Course Outline from this programme - Living Leadership

Who should attend?

Anyone who heads up a team, directs projects or runs a business and is interested in doing it in a new and different way.

Course Objectives

» Understand the difference between leading and managing
» Define the purpose of leadership
» Grow your leadership style
» Expand your knowledge of effective leadership action

Course Format

» Managers vs. Leaders
» The emergence of leadership thinking
» Expectations of leaders today
» Setting outcomes like a leader
» Situational leadership and Action centered leadership
» Your leadership style
» Developing leadership power and influence

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