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Gillian Bruce Training

"Developing people forwards
for success"
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What they say about us....

"Very good trainer – gave humorous examples and stories yet kept it professional and interesting."

T. Elliot Customer Service Manager (Advanced Customer Service)

"The feedback from the training commissioner at Halton Borough Council has been excellent and reflects Gilli’s abilities to plan and deliver work to a high standard. She is a positive, confident and highly motivated individual who adds value to all her work."

H. Taylor STM Training for Social Services (Induction to Dementia Care)

Personal Development

"If you do what you’ve always done – you’ll always get what you’ve always got!"

Personal development can be challenging, but stretching ourselves via incremental steps really can take us towards our goals in life. Even when we don’t know what our goals in life really are – evolving as a human being can help us to find out! Here are some subjects that can provide the fertiliser for your growth!

» Developing Assertiveness at Work
» Influence and persuasion
» Women’s Development Programmes
» Handling Redundancy
» Time Management
» Effective Communication
» Personal Effectiveness
» Move forward in your life – an introduction to NLP
» Stress Management

Professional Development

Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety – “The human being with the greatest flexibility of thought and behaviour tends to control the outcome of any interaction.”

Most of us tend to behave in tried and tested ways that act as our default settings – developing professionally can expand our choices, allowing us to behave in new and more flexible ways that might just get us different results. Here are some subjects from our professional development range to help you flex up and get different results:

» Build your professional brand
» Professional Presentation Skills
» Train the Trainer
» Reception skills
» Professional Telephone Techniques
» Telesales skills
» Introduction to sales training
» Developing the sales relationship
» Focus on customer Service
» Handling customers professionally
» Handling difficult and demanding customer situations
» Advanced customer influencing skills


staff motivation

Course Outline for Effective Communication – One day (can be expanded to two days)

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to achieve optimum results in situations that involve others. Ideal for managers, team leaders or anyone needing to communicate effectively.

Couse Objectives

» Understand the complex nature of the communication process
Appreciate the significance of becoming a skillful communicator
Understand all the ways in which we communicate
Develop your communication skills across the board
Understand the significance of effective communication for organizations
Develop improved communication practices

Course Format

» Communication broken down – it’s tricky!
Barriers to great communication
The characteristics of a great communicator
The factors of face-to-face communication
Methods of communication and the pitfalls
Organisational communication – significance, barriers and development
The communication skill range
Communication styles
Adapting our style for improved results

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